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Read books

A good book is like a good friend
Reading book isn’t a hobby it should be a priority it should be something that you would always want to do. 

Reading a new book unleashes the  emotions that we dont even know exist. EVERY New book helps us to know ourselves better it helps us in finding deep emotions that we didn’t even know existed.

We not only connect with every book we read but it also soothes us. It gives us a feeling that everything would get better

For my instance, i didn’t know i liked reading i read books while i was younger but i never really thought i would love reading them. 

Every book has a different story but somehow you connect to every little part of it. 

A good book has a lot to offer a bad book does that too. It makes us face the bad in the world it also shows us the good in the world the bad too but it tells us that the world has a lot of good to offer.

A good book is like a melody which we no longer listen to but it always stays in our heart deep inside where it has it’s own place a place where nothing or no one can touch it.A place which is held by it and only it. 

Every new story has something new to teach us maybe what we wanted to hear but no one said or maybe what we knew but didn’t accept. A book has everything.



The worst that could happen to someone 
Nonstop crying for days and when depression takes over the victim starts hating their body.

    Over time the scars disappear but it still hurts the same. 

    We say that we understand what someone goes through after someone’s been raped but the truth is that we have no idea what it feels like.

    Instead of telling our boys to respect not just their sisters but every other girl,We tell our daughters to stop wearing short clothes or to come home before dark or tell them not to say anything to any eve teaser and when this ain’t enough we tell them not to talk to boys. 

    Most of the cases aren’t even reported because the family thinks about who would marry their daughter or what would people say if they found out that their girl’s been raped. 

    Some people are so inconsiderate of the victims feeling that the go on asking about what had happened and how does she feel. And just because people wanna speak about everything they won’t even leave this topic,they’ll go around telling others that they knew something like this would happen to her because she always seemed a bit out of line.

    Just because a girl doesn’t fit to the categories set by the society it doesn’t mean that she’s bad maybe the society’s worse for setting limits for girls.

    We dont tell our boys to come home before dark or to stop talking to girls or to change the type of clothes they wear. 

    Maybe the girls dont need to change anything maybe the thinking of some people needs some cleaning 😊


      “The length of your clothes define your character”

      According to some people the major cause behind a girl being raped is the fact that at the time of the incident she was wearing short clothes 

      The fact that you wear short clothes is directly proportional to you being raped the lesser the length of your clothes the more chances you have of getting raped.

      Then by this

      There shouldn’t be cases of rapes where girls wear suits and saris 

      But there are many cases where the victim is fully clothed. 

      The size of clothes doesn’t MATTER. 

      Why shouldn’t the girls go out after 8. Why don’t we tell our boys not to go out after 8

      Why shouldn’t girls wer short clothes. Why don’t we tell our boys to stop being a pervert and respecting girls.

      LOVE ❤


      single word but a lot of strong emotions. 

      Great feeling isn’t it?

      Seeing a person you love fills you up with giddiness. All those butterflies in the stomach all those squealing noises you make.
      Well acctually no one can really define what it really feels like. No one can put in words for the emotions that one experiences.

      But what acctually is love?

      It’s the purest feelings that one could have for someone.

      It’s not a particular thing that you fall for in someone. It’s the million things. All of their actions. All of their jokes. Their eyes. Their nose. Everything.

      You know it’s love when their happiness is the most important for you, when your mood drops down when they’re not happy when they become your priority when you do everything and anything just to see that smile on their face 

      Love isn’t something that destroyes you it’s what gives you the strength to fight and strive for more in life. 

      Love is what changes bad into good.

      A Thousand Splendid Suns

      A thousand splendid suns – Khaled hosseini


      1)  Nana (mariams mother) – she was never married but almost did when she was 15. She loved Mariam in her own way and all she had was her 

      2) Jalil (mariams father) – he had three wives and had gotten nana pregnant. Nana used to work at his house before Mariam was born

      3) Mariam – the story revolves around her as well as Aziza’s life. She got married at the age of 15 but couldn’t get pregnant 

      4) Mullah Faizullah – he came to the kolba to teach Mariam.

      5) Aziza – the girl around which and the story revolves in part 2 

      6)  Tariq – Aziza’s best friend and lover which she later married

      7) Rasheed – Mariam as well as Aziza’s husband. He had a wife before mariam and Aziza but she died due to some reason he also had a son who died as he drowned in a river. 

      The story revolves around the lives of two girls Mariam and Aziza both of whom were married to a man much older to their ages-Rasheed. Both of them faced a lot of problems in their lives.

      Mariam had a really hard childhood. She lived with her mother (nana) in a kolba 2 KMS from herat. She wanted to live with her brothers and sisters but she couldn’t. Once nana told her that she would die if Mariam ever left her. On her 15 birthday Mariam went to herat and came to see her nana dangling from a tree. She lived with Jalil for some days but he wasn’t what she thought him to be. A couple of days later he got her married to Rasheed a shoe maker 25 years older than her. She lost her childhood and had to stay under a burkha as she was told that she was only to be looked at by Rasheed. 

      Aziza lost her parents at the age of 14 when rockets fell on her home because of which she got hearing aid in one of her ear. Rasheed tricked her in getting married to him. She too agreed for the marriage as she came to know that she had Tariq’s baby growing inside her. 

      This story mainly revolves around the lives of women first nana then Mariam and lastly of Aziza. All of them had to face many problems and fight their own battles of life. 

      Nana only had Mariam and loved her truly in her own ways she had to face all the problems alone for her as well as her daughter. She had to face the society as a mother of a child who wasn’t married. She tried all she could to make Mariam see the real Jalil but in vain.

      Mariam had to Face her problems in the form of her husband. She couldn’t give birth to a baby due to which she was deprived of loving her own children and due to this Rasheed started treating her like a maid. He used to beat her and didn’t respect her at all. AT the age of 15 she had to look after her husband and was burdened with the responsibilities of a marriage.

      Aziza had a good childhood. She had a loving family and Tariq which was all she wanted but one day while they were leaving for pakistan a rocket attacked her home and she lost her parents. she was tricked by Rasheed and had to marry him. He used to treat her like a queen but it was onlt till the time she gave  birth to a girl-Laila after which she too was treated like a maid and was beaten. Later she gave birth to Zalmai.

      This story is packed with different kinds of emotions. We get to know how the women were ill treated and also about the practices the people had to follow. There are a lot of things that we come to know about how and in what way the people were treated. Such as:

      1. The women in Afghanistan could not go out of their home without a man accompanying her 
      2. She couldn’t leave her home without a burkha 
      3. she couldn’t laugh publically
      4. The men had to grow beard 
      5. If a women was caught out of her home without a male companion she was beaten and was later sent to home
      6. The people who did not follow the rules were beaten in front of the crowd to create fear among them.
      7. The boys playing in the roads were taken along by the patrol guards and were forced to join in.
      8. The women and girl were raped and later their throats were slit

      Not only did the women had to suffer but all the sections of the society had to face various kinds of problems. 

      By this book We also get a brief account of the society of Afghanistan during the time of the war. 

      Everyone full of emotions and the love for reading should read this book not only is it heart touching but there are a lot of things in this book to learn from. This book not only teaches us to face our problems but it also tells us that every problem has a solution and we can not run away from our probolems and we have to face them. And that in the end everything gets back to it’s place. Whoever you are whatever you do there’s always a solution to your problems and if you share it the load of your sadness beacome lighter.

      Hiding the truth 

      Why do we lie?

      Maybe because changing the truth to what we think would be better for us provides us with some kind of satisfaction 


      Great feeling isn’t it?

      But have we ever stopped and thought that once we start lying it just never stops one lie leads to another and another and another 

      And we don’t feel satisfied rather we feel scared 

      Scared of the truth 

      Scared of what would happen if people find out the truth. The truth that we’ve been trying to hide for so long. What would happen if it comes out 

      Eventually we lie even more. Trying to hide it all,trying to grasp on the lies

      But of no use

      Everytime the truth comes out someway or the other. 

      Everytime the only thing that doesn’t reach out to people are your feelings behind every lie. Everytime the only thing that decreases is the trust that people have on you.

      It’s not easy for us to speak the truth but its not an impossible thing to do 

      Truth would come out eventually sooner or later, but it would. 

      Instead of being traumatized later let’s cut ourselves some slack and speak the truth. No matter how hard it feels.

      Gather up some strength and speak it out and trust me it’s the best feeling.  

      So let’s stop lying to the people we love and to  the people who love us. Let’s make this world a better place to live. 

      Let’s come out of the dark.
                             . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


      this world is a place where people don’t want to hear the truth they want to stay in the dark because apparently that makes them happy 

      Being happy is good but making a fool out of ourselves isn’t

      Why do peole care of what others say.

      we won’t change ourselves not because others want us to then why is it important for us that people like us 

      why do we want poeple to like us? Well maybe because we don’t acctually have faith in ourselves maybe people liking us makes us feel good about ourselves maybe it gives us some confidence 

      But the only thing that’s important is that nobody else matters nobody else but ourselves everything that we do is for ourselves and no one else.